Monday, February 1, 2016

Tele Anyone?

Telemark skiing that is...

Been telemark skiing since the late 1980's  but didn't commit and throw away my downhill skis till somewhere around 1992. I am getting worse, and the gear is getting better so I tend to maintain a constant level of competency. 

Mary Jane ski area used to have an excellent class for keeping up on technique, it was called TeleDaze. They seem to have stopped that program unfortunately. 

Skis were all made about the same time, cable bindings. Leather boots are 30 years old but surprisingly I still have them and they work for mild activities. Hard plastic boots are for area skiing and back-country. Also shown are things that go in the backpack like shovel and first aid kit. Two different sets of skins there, full and half skins allow you to ski up hill to get to your favorite places. I am overdue for a new set of skis, ones with rocker technology. Just so I can keep up with my deteriorating body ~smiley~.

My favorite back country place, because I had a part in the construction, is Broome Hut where I happen to be a Hut Master

Tele to work video

Best book hands down is Allen & Mike's Really Cool Telemark Tips. The book has an animation if you flip the pages, which wouldn't work with a e-book version.  Great short concepts to work on for each outing. 

And no respectable blog would be complete without a mention to avalanche preparedness. Don't go into unsafe places. Don't bundle together, use appropriate gear. I've always thought that there should be an avalanche app, where if the phone tumbles the GPS sends out an alarm for locating the skier. Free idea that can help all. 

Outside Magazine Lesson's Learned and Colorado Avalanche Preparedness report on 2013 disaster.  2016 news isn't good. 

Hope this helps answer any questions..... Joe Mc.